Defeating a Hacking Attack: How Teamwork Saved the Day

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Defeating a Hacking Attack: How Teamwork Saved the Day

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Last month, our company went through a tough time. We faced a serious Hacking Attack on our IIS server through our public IP address. It was a scary situation because the attacker used both ransomware and brute force. But thanks to the hard work of our System Administrator, Mr. Muhammed Usman Waince, and advice from my former IT Manager, Mohammed Alathamneh, who was in Riyadh while I was in Jeddah, we managed to stop the attack and make our defenses stronger.

It all started on a peaceful Friday evening when  Mr. Usman, our watchful System Administrator, got an alert on his phone. after he checked the server he immediately called me  The email alert made us really worried - someone was trying again and again to get into our IIS server. We felt scared because we knew we were under attack.

Without wasting any time,  Usman and I rushed to our server room to see what was happening. The attack didn't stop - the hacker kept trying to get in, and there was also a risk of them taking our data hostage.

We worked hard all night to stop the attack. We managed to slow down the brute force attack by blocking some bad IP addresses and making our server more secure. 

Our situation was tough because we could not shut down your IIS server but we had a plan. But we had to act fast to avoid any serious damage.

I realized we needed help, so I got in touch with Mohammed Alathamneh, my Former IT Manager from El Seif Engineering Contracting Co. He was still in Riyadh, and I knew he was great at cybersecurity. Even though he was far away, he agreed to help us over the phone. He gave us advice and helped us understand the full scope of the problem.

He advised us we needed a solid security plan, and we needed it right away. He also suggested we get a strong firewall, and he recommended FortiGate.

Following his advice, we searched for the right firewall. After looking at different options, we chose FortiGate because it's known for being reliable. It was a big investment, but we knew it was crucial to keep our organization safe from future attacks.

Once we set up the FortiGate firewall, we felt more secure. It had advanced tools to detect threats and stop them. Mr. Usman and I spent time adjusting the firewall settings to fit our needs.

In the following weeks, the hacking attempts didn't stop. The hacker kept trying to get into our server, but our defenses were strong. The FortiGate firewall did its job, blocking bad traffic and making our server safer. Slowly, we started to regain control of our network.

At the same time, we kept an eye on the IP addresses the hacker was using, and we blocked them with the help of Kaspersky Security Antivirus. This double-check made sure the attacker couldn't get through.

I want to say thankful to Mr. Usman, who worked so hard, and MrMohammed Alathamneh, who guided us from afar. Even though we were far apart, we were all determined to protect our organization from digital threats.

This experience was a reminder that cyberattacks are always changing. To stay safe, we need to be ready for anything. With the help of our team and the right tools, we not only stopped the hacker but also made our defenses stronger for the future.

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